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North East Cane and Bamboo Development Council has facilitated the emergence of a new scenario in the North Eastern India. Almost two decades of its existence in this part of India has struck the imaginations of the population here and led them on to dream about the possibility of a healthy future. Inevitably a future replete with expanded livelihood opportunities stemming unendingly from the right and rich harvest of Bamboos. NECBDC strongly believe in the thrust which will be felt globally following our role as the matchmaker of the human resource, bamboo and technology.

NECBDC was incorporated with the objective of organizing the hitherto untapped bamboo sector of NE India which is a significant occupant of its topography, culture and customary practices since time immemorial. Its formal existence came into being as a coordinated effort headed by North Eastern development Finance Corporation (NEDFi) along with the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, UNIDO and UNDP. NECBDC is the field implementation agency and forms a part of the Technology Management Program (TMP) which is a joint effort of Govt of India and UNDP. NECBDC has embarked on a new phase of programmes and projects in the bamboo sector with renewed vigor under the aegis of North Eastern Council (NEC). It can be said that NECBDC is one of core outreach programme of NEC for giving a shift to the economy of NE in the positive direction. The progress of these two organizations has been acknowledged by the greater community as the change agent whose need was continually felt in the region.


To promote scientific development in the cane and bamboo sector.
To provide skill upgradation and awareness to entrepreneurs, artisans, technicians, trainers and others.
To promote employment and income generation activities in the cane and bamboo sector.
To source and develop relevant technologies inside and outside the country for enhancing the cane and bamboo sector.
To develop the market and create market linkage for entrepreneurs and artisans in the north eastern region.
To liaise with premier institutions, state governments and other bodies for taking the cane and bamboo sector forward.
To set up documentation centre and a data bank for referral.
To provide consultancy services in the field of cane and bamboo.
To encourage and participate in any other developmental activity.
To create a Centre of Excellence which will promote the Cane and Bamboo Industry in the North Eastern Region.

Promoting Sustainable Livelihood in North- East India - NECBDC established 17 clusters, for varied products in cane & bamboo, in the 8 North- Eastern states with funding from NEC, Shillong in 2016. Later, work sheds (Common Facility Centres) were constructed in collaboration with cluster partners at the chosen locations.

Throughout the year, NECBDC maintains a training calendar to ensure dissemination of new developments in the cane and bamboo sector. Trainers involved in the training of craftsperson are routinely updated on new processes, methods, technologies and products by NECBDC. This function accommodates the dynamic demands, which originate at various levels ranging from trainer’s self-evaluation, policy makers feedback, global trends and NECBDC’s assessment of the field situations. Preceding the commencement of every trainer’s training programme, the size and content of the input volume intended for the training is arrived at after much research and brainstorming.

The concept of bamboo based housing and bamboo cottage is fast catching on and the demand is increasing each day. There is also very good demand far Gazebo and bamboo out house. NECBDC has proven its capacity by undertaking various bamboo based construction in various places for government departments, organizations and individuals. The cost of the bamboo based housing are comparatively lower than the concrete building and they are more eco-friendly. Bamboo based constructions have aesthetic appeal and can be designed and implemented according to the quality desired. NECBDC also imparts training in construction and over the years many people have been trained and are pursuing gainful employment in bamboo constructions.

NECBDC has conducted product development programme with NID with focus on portable furniture. Many designs were developed and training was imparted to individuals for production on commercial scale. NECBDC also develops new products and designs during training period and in fact NECBDC was the first to develop the round bamboo furniture and bamboo laminated furniture in India. NECBDC has also introduced the concept of Jig to artisans for producing baskets in the same shape and size. NECBDC is now concentrating on bamboo packaging materials for packaging of various products for which there is a very huge market. Designs and packaging materials using bamboo have been developed in collaboration with IIT Guwahati.

NECBDC extends dedicated service in creating the mindscapes among consumers for utility and aesthetic products from cane and bamboo units. Sidestepping the service paradigm, market creation is also held in high esteem as a challenge by NECBDC. Proven professional expertise propels the product promotion/ market creation services. This service arm is an aggregate of dimensions like routine scan of the macro environment, trend analyses of dynamic market sensibilities and trend studies of domestic and international market. Our expert recommendations and suggestions are ideal for product promotion and business development strategies.

NECBDC is available for the expert guidance to lead a cane and bamboo venture towards prosperity. NECBDC’s consultancy offering ranges from technology sourcing, techno economic feasibility studies to turnkey solutions for grounding initiatives based on cane and bamboo. The modules of services are Pre-enterprise Consultancy, Project Report Preparation, Project Appraisal and Viability Endorsement, Linkage with Funding Agencies, Technology Identification, Sourcing of Machineries and Equipment. Turnkey solutions are available for Bamboo Blinds, Bamboo Flooring Boards, Bamboo Toothpick, Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds, Bamboo Moulded Products, Bamboo Concrete Boards, Bamboo Ply Board, Bamboo Stick, Common Facility Centre, and Bamboo Match Stick.

The Government of India sponsored National Bamboo Mission (NBM) launched by the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture envisages enhancing the area under bamboo plantation of selected species with intensive management so that the yield improves to about 20 tonnes per hectare. The focus of the NBM is the North Eastern Region. In order to technically support them, NBM has designated NECBDC as one of the Bamboo Technical Support Groups (BTSG) for the eight states of North East India and the eastern states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa.

"To be the Centre of Excellence for Training and Skill Development in the ‘Cane and Bamboo’ sector"


"Enhancing human and organizational excellence in the bamboo sector by blending frontier technologies to achieve economy and employment security."


The abundance of cane and bamboo in the North Eastern region resulted in the creation of CBTC in the Northeast region in 1999 under the aegis of UNIDO/ UNDP and NEDFi. NEC, Shillong took the Cane & Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) under its wing in the year 2004. The Cane & Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) now North East Cane and Bamboo Development Council (NECBDC) is an autonomous registered Society under the North Eastern Council, Ministry of DoNER, Govt. of India with its head office at Burnihat, Guwahati, Assam.

NECBDC grew in leaps and bounds, with NEC, Shillong prioritizing the use of the abundantly available cane and bamboo for enterprise building as well as to improve the environment by increasing green belts; subsequently achieving a milestone of success in tapping the versatility of bamboo, turning it into ‘Green Gold' and thereby breaking the age-old myth that, “Bamboo is a poor man’s Timber”. NECBDC the Bamboo Technology Park, is the apex body dedicated to the development of bamboo-based technology training, and human resource development in the cane and bamboo sector catering to the needs of industries, entrepreneurs, designers, crafts persons, farmers, trainers, technicians and professionals in this trade with operations in all eight states of the Northeastern region, with extensions in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal.

NECBDC will -

Identify and transfer appropriate manufacturing technology.
Provide technical assistance.
Render specific services such as -laboratory testing and quality assurance.
Focus on generating village-level clusters and micro-processing units to encourage and mobilize SHGs.
Encourage NGOs to venture into the bamboo enterprise building.
Attract investment in the bamboo sector in both medium and small sector enterprises.
Generate awareness in design innovation, new product development, technology infusion and adaptation to the requirement of our country.
NECBDC is a 'Project Implementing Agency' of the North Eastern Council - Shillong, under the Ministry of DoNER, and for other institutions including the National Bamboo Mission which is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare.

With several core competencies developed over the years, NECBDC is a-

Hub for information, technologies and networking for the bamboo Sector.
Vehicle for a multi-disciplinary approach to varied applications of cane and bamboo.
Manpower development center imparting training to craft persons, entrepreneurs and trainers.
Coordinator for technical, legal and economic policies on cane and bamboo.
Consultant to small and medium scale entrepreneurs in the cane and bamboo industry.


G.S. Road, Burnihat, Guwahati, Assam 793101, India

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