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Our Vision:

To encourage,promote and support the Bamboo sector in a comprehensive manner through a multidisciplinary, multidepartment and multi- dimensional integrated approach to provide economic benefits to the people of the State apart from realizing the social and environmental potential of the bamboo resource of Assam.

Our Mission:

1.To develop the entire bamboo value chain.
2.To increase the bamboo plantation in non forest land of Assam.
3.Improvement of productivity by use of improved planting stock and scientific management practices.
4.To encourage bamboo based entrepreneurship in Assam.
5.To generate awareness about the socio-economic potential of bamboo.
6.Skill development of artisans for sustainable employment.
7.To provide effective market linkages.


1.Implementation of activities planned under Restructured Bamboo Mission which includes:-
a) Promotion of bamboo cultivation on farmers’ field or government land.
b) Development of bamboo nurseries for supply of Quality Planting Material.
c) Establishment of Primary Processing Centres (PPCs) and Common Facility Centres (CFCs).
d) Providing financial assistance to bamboo based units.
e) Facilitating market linkages to the bamboo artisans and entrepreneurs of Assam.
f) Encouragement to bamboo artisans of Assam by providing advanced tools and machineries.
g) Training and skill development of bamboo farmers/artisans, field functionaries and officers and staff of NBM.
2. Implementation of the provisions of The Assam Bamboo & Cane Policy, 2019.
3. Any other matter entrusted by Central/State Government from time to time.


Managing Director, State Bamboo Development Agency
Udyog Bhawan, Bamuni Maidan
Guwahati - 781021

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