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Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre is a not for profit bamboo based grass root development organisation based in Wayanad District, Kerala.

One of our flagship initiatives is the Livelihood Support Program through which we support more than 100 artisans to find their livelihood by making bamboo products, mainly artefacts. The artisans – 90% of them rural women from impoverished backgrounds- are hard hit like most areas due to Covid 19. They didn’t have employment or income for the last two months. Their markets are washed off at the moment- uncertainty looms large at least for the next six months.

How You Could Support?

Help us generate employment, the sustainable way- Purchase Green Kits.

Green Kits are sets of sustainable utility products made with Bamboo, the Green Gold. The products included in the kits are plastic alternatives and carry the message of sustenance and sustainability.

The most sustainable way you could support our cause is by purchasing these kits. Each kit is priced at Rs. 120 though the real worth is much more. You can chose from the options available- Kitchen Kit, School Kit, Jewellery Kit- and can buy any number of kits as you wish. And yes, the more you buy, the more kits our artisans could make!

With each Green Kit you buy, you ensure employment and income for our artisans and would help them to restart their lives. Green kits being a green choice, your purchase would also contribute to the larger cause of sustainable living.

Let humanity prevail, Let’s survive together , and Let greener be our paths!!

Green Kits and Sustainability

As the name suggests the concept of Green Kits comes from the sustainability quotient of Bamboo, the Green Gold. Bamboo is an amazing material with wide range of applications. It’s exceptionally high carbon sequestration capacity, renewable nature arising from very fast growth rate, material properties and utility that could rival rainforest hard woods and plastic, makes bamboo one of the strongest components in the fight against climate change. Bamboo has grown in stature from poor man’s timber to wise man’s timber and is very fast establishing it’s credentials as the renewable wood.

Each Green Kit is thus a Green Choice that would make the planet a better place to live.


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