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Bamboo Society of India (BSI) was formed in a period when for the first time a group of pioneers in the country foresaw ‘Bamboo’ in the context of its massive economic potential. In 1989, it was formally registered and certified under the Karnataka Societies, registration Act (1960). The society’s registered headquarters is situated in Bangalore City, Karnataka. BSI was started as a small society with only 15 founding members and today it has grown manifold and has over 1050 members living throughout the country and in 6 other nations across the world.

It was with a vision of promoting the holistic growth of bamboo sector in India that BSI was formed, by stalwarts like Shri. N. S. Adkoli (IFS), Shri. K. A. Bhoja Shetty (IFS), Shri A. Krishnaswamy, Shri. D. N. Tiwari (IFS), Shri. A. C Laxman (IFS) and many such thought leaders of the country. They worked with scientists and people from across the world and conducted numerous national and international seminars and conferences on bamboo; they also successfully undertook many study tours with the intent to contribute their bit to bamboo. Shri. D. N Tiwari (IFS), one of the founding members furthered the society’s aspirations by playing the role of a main architect in the formation of National Bamboo Mission – A government body promoting bamboo at the national level. It would be no exaggeration to label them as the fore runners of bamboo revolution globally.

Following their indelible footsteps today, BSI is endeavouring towards tapping the unrealised potential of bamboo sector. The society encourages and sponsors scientific study and research on bamboo. It constantly acquires data and disseminates it on all aspects pertaining to the development of bamboo. BSI organises conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions pertaining to bamboo and is constantly involved in organising training to farmers in the field of management, utilization and marketing of bamboos.

At present BSI has recognised 7 state chapters – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. The society aims to promote bamboo sector across India through these state chapters, they are continuously working towards achieving the objectives of BSI. The society also sponsors lectures, conferences, tours and plant sales in these chapter areas. The chapters work towards enabling stakeholders to work together for a bigger and common goal of developing bamboo sector.

Today, Bamboo Society of India is fast a growing organisation and consists of students, artisans, activists, NGOs, growers, farmers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, artisan federations, researchers, botanists, nursery and plantation owners, architects, product designers, engineers, MSME’s, technocrats, teachers, doctorates, master craftsmen, women, trainers, professors, professionals, design institutions, enthusiasts, bamboo lovers etc. Every year BSI celebrates World Bamboo Day with great enthusiasm and involvement. It is through these events that BSI is striving to spread and reach out to larger groups of people and investors about the understated potential of bamboo in a country like ours where everyday economic development and possibilities are being looked out for.


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