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It all started in June 2019 with a simple want for crafting alternatives for our day-to-day essentials that would not harm the environment. Realization struck that we use products like toothbrushes, towels and so many other things so mindlessly without thinking where they come from, and how they go, or do they ever go? The idea was to make and offer valuable substitutes of superior quality, sustainable products to essentials that every single person uses every day. Hailing from Manipur, the founder, surrounded by Bamboo plantations realized that Bamboo would be an incredible substitute raw material for non-biodegradable daily essentials. The nature inspired us to make a difference, hence the name – Madake, after a Japanese Bamboo plant called Madake also known as Phyllostachys bambusoides.

Our Mission

With our resources depleting rapidly due to centuries of exploitation, shifting to sustainable resources seems like the only feasible way to control this problem.

At Madake, with quality being our rule of thumb, we aim to develop innovative, state of the art environment friendly products to anyone who prioritizes premium quality and sustainability.

What is important to us

Quality is a rule of thumb for us at Madake. We think it is imperative for not just follow government regulations but also pay attention to the kind of resources used in the supply chain. Hence, our suppliers are scrutinized and their practices are audited to ensure fair environmental and ethical practices.


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