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Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission (MPSBM) and Madhya Pradesh Bamboo and Bamboo Craft Development Board have been constituted to promote bamboo based development and entrepreneurship leading to the creation of sustainable bamboo economy.

MPSBM has been registered as society in July 2013 under MP Societies Registration Act, 1973. It was formulated to function as the coordinating organization for bamboo related activities in the state

MPSBM is involving through 30 years strategic plan, 15 years perspective plan and 3 years action plan to develop bamboo sector through following activities -

Development of Fast Growing High Yielding (FGHY) bamboo verities through tissue culture.
Establishment of chain of bamboo nurseries in private and public sector.
Rejuvenation of state bamboo forest
Development of methodologies for best bamboo cultivation and harvesting practices.
Encouragement of farmers to take up bamboo cultivation.
Creating setup for primary processing units for bamboo treatment and storage for semi finished bamboo products.
Development of bamboo base handicrafts as well as micro, small and medium size bamboo enterprises.
Skill development of traditional bamboo artisans.
Design and development of bamboo products using advance tools, equipments and machinery.
Up-gradation of existing common facility centers (CFCs) across the stat


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