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THE VILLAGE CRAFT STORE is an eco-friendly online store. If you are searching for eco-friendly products and want to give your contribution to the environment by using natural products. You are in the right place! We are India’s private platform which gives you the best of nature made by our skillful makers with traditional skills and modern designs. Our products are eco-friendly, reusable, craft-based, decomposable, and very carefully made to provide you the best products at your door. We dream to have a world where there are less plastic and more natural things around us. We want people to obtain a sustainable lifestyle to have a better future and a healthy environment.

Our Mission

We will strengthen and support our community of consumers , designers, artisans, farmers, makers and entrepreneurs inspired by rural India while protecting the natural environment. Creating a web presence of Indian village products is that the ultimate mission of our organization. it’s a market place where the crafts of artisan across the length and breadth of India join together.

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