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BAANSULI – Bamboo Artisan Socio Economic Upliftment Initiative (Baansuli), it is also a combination of two words i.e. Baans means “Bamboo “and Hansuli is “A jewelry pattern“, so Baansuli is a jewellery made from Bamboo, is a social enterprise which economically empowers the group of tribal artisans making handcrafted contemporary bamboo jewellery, Bamboo home décor and bamboo rakhi in District of Dangs, Gujarat. Dangs is situated in the south part of Gujarat with abundance of bamboo. According to NITI Aayog, Dang is one of the most economically distressed districts out of 640 districts in India. 98% of the population is tribal and 88.83% population is dependent on agriculture apart from agriculture people were also indulged in a lot of manual labour like mnrega or which is given by Government agencies. problem arises after monsoons, Due to its hilly terrain, Dangs faces water scarcity post- monsoon. This discourages all cultivation practices due to lack of irrigation facilities. As a result, Dangs observes seasonal migration of cultivators and agriculture laborers for manual labor to the nearest cities. As per the District census 2011 an average of 49.35 % follows seasonal migration. The major issue in the district is of lack of income generation due to lack of livelihood alternatives. With this problem we thought of making something really unique and different product which can give livelihood to tribal, in lieu to its solution with thought of doing something related to bamboo because bamboo was already in abundance and that’s how the idea of bamboo jewellery came in and that’s how Baansuli was born. Recently to our product range we have added bamboo home décor, Impact gift and rakhis. Baansuli is made with an aim of giving the tribal of Dangs a regular source of income and stop seasonal migration by providing them livelihood opportunities.


Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur – 302 004.

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