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Jharkhand, India is the epitome of bamboo resources and skilled workforce. The region is endowed with immensely rich heritage and culture. When the world is looking towards us for solutions to eradicate carbon emission from the planet, it is imperative to weave an idea for sustainable development. We want to maneuver resources without hounding our ecosystem to create a range of products that will make your life easier and alluring.

The origin of this endeavour is deep-rooted affection for our land. Many of us feel compassionate about home, only after staying away from it. We were no different. This project is a bid to explore untapped opportunities in the region amidst a global meltdown. We strive to create environmentally-safe products aligned with the craftsmanship of local folks. This partnership aspires to break new territories without compromising on ethics and quality.

We seek to achieve affluence by making sure that each of our offerings helps you to get rid of Eco-Unfriendly products. We understand the usage of plastic, and similar unhealthy bi-products are not your choice but a compulsion. It is our objective to provide the substitutes you can use without any guilt and discomfort.

Our team embraces the talents filled with flair and artistry.  We are committed to operating the production-line in our region in order to aid the up-swinging economy. We believe that empowering society is the first step towards development. Our community will rise in sync with our endeavour.

We have started this journey with little courage, a pinch of hope and a lot of passion. We look forward to serving you with the products crafted with utmost tenderness. We hope to set foot in your home and help with daily chores. We aspire to help you while serving your guests. We desire your delight while marching ahead on the path of success.

Artisans and Us

The whole rationale behind Namaste Bamboo is to re-introduce human elements in sundry products we use around us. In the era of mechanization, the idea is to discover those local artisans who are immensely talented and share a platform with them to promote sustainability.

We live in a time driven by mass consumption, where increasing demand dictates the flow of mass-produced goods. But at the same time, it kills the very essence of the human spirit that’s been the heart of commerce for centuries. When you buy local handmade goods, you are bound to have an experience that is much more intimate and personalized. Not to mention, the heartfelt gratitude of simple artisan triumphs over the indifference of a global conglomerate.

At the beginning of our endeavour, we made it very clear that our roots and our culture are something we are going to demonstrate from the word go. We will be working with people who are trying to preserve those pages of our history when nature used to come up with every solution to our most complex problems. We can complement each other in a quest to bring long-due prosperity in the region.

The Indian artisan has minimal access in terms of consumer reach or markets, at home or abroad. Our site is inhabited with a wide selection of products from every corner of the country, direct from the artisan, NGOs working closely with artisan groups or from enterprises that directly deploy artisans in the creation of their products.

With this initiative, Namaste Bamboo carries the desire to connect you with handicraft products of the highest quality. Every item is made out of sheer hard work and dedication, all having unique designs and vibrant colours. The artisans make household items like home decors, kitchen accessories, jewellery boxes, wall hangings, etc. The artistic perfection of every item will leave you spellbound.

Bamboo Sourcing

The quality and characteristics of any product depend upon the raw materials used. We are very particular and aware of the source we bring in bamboo from. Not to forget, like all plants bamboo has its species too.

Each species has its characteristic feature and give the best results for a particular product only. The maturity of the bamboo differs too. We have to understand the anatomy of bamboo to bring the best out of them. Our suppliers provide us with the desired bamboo straight from jungles and/or verified authentic sources.


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